Your Apple Watch measures your heart rate every 4 minutes during the day. With CardioBot, you can easily understand the data captured by the Apple Watch so you can improve your lifestyle and discover notable patterns.

Heart Rate Points

Track your daily heart points to keep your heart healthy.

Daily Heart Rate

CardioBot presents daily Heart Rate summary chart based on your HR zones.

Blood Oxygen

CardioBot presents Blood Oxygen analysis. The very important metric during COVID-19 pandemic.

Heart Rate Variability

CardioBot calculates your Heart Rate Variability baseline/trend during the 40 days, and show you daily sample analysis.

Blood Pressure

CardioBot provides you Blood and Pulse pressure tracking functionality and medication effectiveness analysiss.


By wearing Apple Watch during the sleep you enable Sleep analysis in CardioBot. It presents your sleep quality and sleep heart rate analysis.


CardioBot makes your Heart Rate analysis during workout to calculate your workout quality score.


CardioBot enables historical data analysis that helps you to understand how new habits influence your heart.

American Heart Association

CardioBot powered by smart recommendation system, which helps you to improve every aspect of your heart using AHA studies.